T-Hook     Noise Filter    Universal 38 Degree Ceiling Kit

General Accessories

Product Codes:

  • T-Hook - 009

  • Mains Power Noise Filter 750Hz - 008

  • Mains Power Noise Filter 1050Hz - 007

  • Angled Ceiling Mount Matt White - 080

  • Angled Ceiling Mount Painted Silver - 082

  • Angled Ceiling Mount Matt Black - 083

T-Hook Features:

  • Use to preserve decorative ceilings and with suspended or non-structural ceilings.

Main Power Noise Filters Features:

  • May reduce noise induced into ceiling fan by electricity providers ripple control signaling (only applicable in parts of NSW or QLD).

Universal 38 Degree Ceiling Mount Features:

  • For angled ceilings up to 38°. Only suitable for fans with 26mm diameter down rod.